Activists push city for ‘tiny house’ homeless village


Gary Warth


San Diego Union Tribune

Publication Date: 

August 17, 2016

Small structures seen as humane stopgap until housing is available

Advocates of a plan to build so-called tiny houses for homeless people showed how quickly they can be constructed during a demonstration in North Park on Wednesday.

Finding a place to put the houses may be more of a challenge.

Activist Jeeni Criscenzo of the nonprofit group Amikas said San Diego is not complying with a 2007 state law that requires California cities to identify areas for emergency shelters, and she is preparing to file a complaint and possibly a lawsuit if the situation doesn’t change.

Criscenzo and other advocates of tiny houses say the small structures would be an attractive alternative to the conditions that exist downtown, where some streets are lined with tents and where litter has prompted the city to conduct weekly clean-ups.

Families and individuals could live in about 20 or 30 houses in small “villages” that would include portable restrooms and showers, she said.