Tiny Shelter Demo at Earth Fair2016


Jeeni Criscenzo


Press Advisory

Publication Date: 

April 8, 2016
I-Wood Tiny Shelter Assembly

Amikas will be providing an opportunity at Earth Fair to find out more about the tiny shelters being suggested as an alternative to the makeshift tent and tarp encampments springing up throughout San Diego.  We will be demonstrating how easy it is to construct an I-Wood tiny shelter during Earth Fair on April 17, at exhibit #788 in the Pan American Plaza North in Balboa Park. It will take approximately 1 - 2 hours to construct the 8 x 12 unit, beginning around 9:30 AM.

We are planning to build and manage thoughtfully located micro-communities to serve as safe emergency housing for homeless women and families who would otherwise be living on the streets. The shelters, sized for individuals, couples and small family units, are constructed using the innovative I-Wood building system. The shelters are strong and secure, and can be easily relocated. They are eco-friendly, inexpensive and attractive and come as kits that unskilled volunteers can easily assemble. They are designed to mimic the architecture of a typical craftsman home, so the communities will neatly blend into any neighborhood.

Along with Homeless to Housed, a coalition of volunteers dedicated to building these units, we are engaged in securing appropriate sites for these micro communities by working with neighborhood planning groups, building departments and legislators. Policies and codes for tiny shelters, like their slightly larger predecessor – tiny houses, are currently in uncharted territory.

At Earth Fair supporters can join over 8,600 people who have already signed a petition to Mayor Faulconer to smooth the way so we can launch a 6-month prototype of the first community which would serve to establish best practices for future tiny shelter sites.

To find out more, visit Amikas.org, Homelesstohoused.org and IWoodInternational.org Don’t forget to order your beautiful Heart of the Park T-Shirt to support San Diego Earth Day at https://www.bonfirefunds.com/earth-day-balboa-park