Emergency & Very Affordable Housing Expo

A door that locks

Amikas is presenting a demonstration of emergency sleeping cabins and very affordable bungalow homes that they hope will be part of San Diego's solution to homelessness, the lack of sufficient emergency shelter and the scarcity of very affordable housing.

The demonstration is constructed on the grounds of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 3725 30th St. San Diego, in the North Park neighborhood between March 15 and March 26.  Details at: www.homelesstohoused.org

Amikas has been working to house homeless women and children since 2010. In collaboration with I-Wood, the company that licenses the kit design used to construct these tiny shelters and homes, Amikas will be displaying the structures from March 10th to March 31st. No one will be actually living in the units, they are for demonstration purposes only. 

Amikas will be scheduling demonstrations and special events at the expo throughout the 3 weeks the demonstration is up, so homeless advocates, legislators and concerned neighbors can see what Amikas is proposing. The expo part of an effort spearheaded by Amikas to amend the California Shelter Crisis Act (Gov. Code §§8698 – 8698.3) to authorize a limited period where San Diego can build emergency bridge hosing communities with emergency sleeping cabins to house the most vulnerable populations in San Diego. A similar amendment was unanimously approved by the California Assembly and Senate last year for the City of San Jose, where a severe shortage of very affordable housing and humanitarian homelessness crisis, similar to what exists in San Diego, inspired legislators to explore innovative solutions. A schedule of events will be posted at  Amikas.org.