A New Year of Gratitude

On Christmas Eve, the children living in Amikas House gave me a precious gift – a feeling of gratification.

All of those sleepless nights I’ve spent worrying about how we were going to pay the bills for Amikas House; all of the careful juggling of personalities and agendas; all of the phone calls from desperate women whom I could usually offer only kindness and a suggestion of where they might find shelter... suddenly it was all so clear why I’ve been doing this.

When Juan and I arrived at Amikas House, it felt like we were the grandparents, coming for a big family gathering. We sat in the living room with fellow board member, Evie Kosower and the residents and watched four of the youngsters perform a dance routine they had choreographed for our pre-dinner entertainment. Their faces beamed as they danced in unison to, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. And as I watched, I thought about where these kids and their moms would be spending Christmas Eve if they hadn’t come to Amikas House –  In a car? A tent? On a couch of someplace not particularly safe? Instead, we would all be sitting down in a real home, to a feast of turkey, ham and veggies that their moms had prepared, paid for with donations from our Board of Directors. 

What we’ve done this year, with your generous help, is making a positive difference in people’s lives. How fortunate I am to work every day at something so meaningful! How grateful I am that so many of you agree that this effort is worth your financial support and that we have a Board of Directors and volunteers so willing to take the risks and do the work to build this vision.

So, as we begin a New Year, I want to tell each of you who have supported us in this effort, how grateful I am for your help. You have made a real, positive difference in the lives of many people. With your support, Amikas heads into 2014 with a new initiative – opening our first two AD-UP homes – a chance to prove that shared housing is a doable solution to the need for affordable housing.

If you’ve been thinking of sending a check to Amikas (PO Box 711194, San Diego, CA 92171-1194), or making an online donation, this is the time to do it. We need your financial help now to get this program started.



We also need furnishings, bedding and kitchen supplies. Please see the list on our website.

If you agree that no mother and her children, or female veteran, or victim of domestic violence, should be without a safe place to live, then know that your donation to Amikas will go 100% toward achieving that goal.

May this new year be filled with gratification for each of you, for all the kindness you share and the good work you do.

Jeeni Criscenzo
Executive Director, Amikas
PO Box 711194, San Diego, CA 92171-1194

P. 619-822-2782 ~ C. 760-525-1915