Day Centers

Neil Good Day Center

Offers case management, medical and counseling services, legal assistance, assistance with obtaining benefits such as SSI, veteran services, showers, laundry, free storage, computer lab, mail and message services and a safe environment for homeless individuals during the day. 
            299 17th Street, San Diego, CA

Rachel’s Women’s Center

Provides a daytime drop‐in center for homeless woman in downtown San Diego. Offers lunch, laundry, and shower facilities on a first‐come, first‐served basis. Also provides replacement clothes, medical screening, alcohol support groups, and access to Rachel's Night Shelter. Hours: 7:00 am‐5:00 pm Monday‐Sunday/Day Shelter. 8:00 am‐3:00 pm Monday‐Sunday/Shower Facilities 11:00 am‐1:30 pm Monday‐Sunday/Laundry Facilities 11:30 am Monday‐Sunday/Congregate Lunch. Eligibility: Ages 18 years and older. Restricted to single females only. Accepts females who are clean/sober at time of entry and can function in a group setting. Accepts single females, females with a physical disability who can care for themselves, females with alcohol or drug abuse problems as long as they are sober, and females who are mentally or emotionally disturbed. No ID is required. Does not accept males, couples, children, or emancipated minors.
            759 Eighth Ave., San Diego 92101
            Antoinette Fallon, Program Director,

Storefront - San Diego Youth and Community Services

Provides overnight shelter and day center for homeless youth (including pregnant teens on a case‐by‐case basis) and runaways. Services include family reunification, information and referral, counseling, case management, independent living and social skills development, job development, food, and clothing. Hours: 6:00 pm‐8:00 am 7 Days/Shelter and Intake. Eligibility: Youth 12 to 17 years of age. Accepts emancipated minors Accepts males and females. Accepts persons who are blind Accepts persons with HIV/AIDS. Accepts persons with alcohol or drug abuse problems. Accepts persons with physical disabilities. ID to verify client is a minor is required. Priority is given to homeless youth living on the street. Will exclude for the follow reasons: AWOL from placement; Psychotic; Suicidal or homicidal; Ward or dependent. Either gender.
            3255 Wing Street San Diego, CA 92110
            (619) 325‐3527