Domestic Violence Shelters

Becky's House    

Facilities are 18-month transitional living programs for victims of domestic violence and their children. The goal of the program is to provide women with the resources needed to break the cycle of violence and secure employment and permanent housing. Each family in the program is offered individual and group counseling, legal assistance, parenting and domestic violence education groups, tutoring, GED and continuing education assistance, children' activities, and job skills training. Becky's House facilities are located in safe, confidential, family-friendly neighborhoods. The units are situated around a landscaped court-yard, which offers are conveniently located near public, bus, and trolley transportation, and near public park lands. Residents are required to pay 30% of their income.
            (619) 234-3164 24 hour Domestic Violence Hotline

Casa Seguras

Provides a short-term and transitional confidential shelter/housing to victims of homeless domestic violence (male or female) and their children. Services include case management, counseling, support groups, community advocacy, assistance obtaining temporary restraining orders, independent living skills building, emergency food and clothing, and assistance finding stable housing.
          (800) 640-2933 Domestic Violence & Youth Crisis 24/7 Hotline

El Nido Transitional Living Program

Provides transitional housing for 12-18 months to homeless battered women with children at an 11 unit apartment complex location in the central region of San Diego County.
          (619) 563-9878

Libre Domestic Violence Program

Provides a 45 to 60-day domestic violence shelter for women and their children (up to age 18 years for boys and girls). Also provides an 18-month transitional housing program for women and children. Both programs are designed to be culturally sensitive to the Latino community
  877-633-1112 Toll Free Domestic Violence Hotline

Hidden Valley House

Provides temporary shelter and food for single females or males and females or males with children in domestic violence situations.Referral from any agency. Screening done by phone only. Facility provides dormitory space with cots, common bathrooms, shower and laundry facilities.Maximum stay 45 days.Accepts men and women 18 years and older, with or without children, experiencing domestic violence. Accepts undocumented persons, persons with disabilities who can care for themselves and persons with mental or emotional disorder, if stable. Accepts minors if they are: emancipated, accompanied by an adult or married.
  (760) 480-0055