Things Change - Life Goes On

Monarch Caterpillars

The milkweed plants in my labyrinth are covered with dozens of Monarch caterpillars. They are eating the plants right down to the bare stems as part of a marvelous symbiotic relationship between the monarchs and the milkweed. While the caterpillars find secret places in the garden, hidden from the crows, to form their chrysalis and morph into butterflies, the milkweed pods are launching hundreds of seeds on white wispy wings to sprout new plants for the next generation of caterpillars. Things change and life goes on.

Amikas Welcomes Spring with a “Housing First” New Baby!

Remember that awful rain storm we had in San Diego last month? That’s the day I got a call from a woman who told me she was 8 ½ months pregnant, had two small children and no place to live. She said she wasn’t a veteran, but I knew we had to get this woman and her children housed before she gave birth. 

Amikas receives CECO grant for appliances

Amikas Executive Director, Jeeni Criscenzo accepts CECO grant

CECO, the County's own charitable organization funded by employee donations, handed out grants to the 2014 recipients at their annual awards breakfast. Over $230,000 was awarded to 87 local non-profits. Amikas was awarded $,490 to be used to get a large refrigerator for Amikas House and washers & dryers for two AD-UP units.

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