Local All-Stars Help the Homeless People — Will You?

Cooling Station for Hot Homeless People

“Silence encourages the tormentor …”

This is what happens when those in authority disparage a particular group of people. Whether they mean to or not, their public expressions of contempt and disrespect give permission, and even encouragement, to those looking for an excuse to manifest their anger and hatred in violent actions against the most vulnerable. I predict that future history books will call this the Trump Effect.

Making the best of Less

San Diego’s effort to end homelessness can be compared to one of those old-time locomotives. In the early 2000s, it started off at a slow chug, then began to pick up momentum at the beginning of this decade. Late last year, when the San Diego Housing Commission—the public-housing authority for the city of San Diego—announced an ambitious three-year plan to move 1,500 people off the street and into stable, long-term housing, it moved closer to full speed.

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