Can we please go home now?

With your help, no child needs to sleep unsheltered on the streets of San Diego tonight.

Vision and Mission

San Diego County is a place where every woman and child has a safe place to live.

To realize this vision we will work to:

  • Prevent women and children, especially veteran women, from being homeless.
  • Create and provide housing options for homeless women and children.
  • Influence society’s perception, and public policies regarding homelessness.
Vision and Mission
Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a small but strong group of like-minded San Diegans who believe we all can be a part of the solution. We can all do better by our unsheltered neighbors. In fact, we must. Won’t you join us?

Amikas has an all-volunteer, hands-on working Board of Directors:

Shanna E. Welsh-Levin, Esq., President
Lisa Kogan, Treasurer
Robert Bird, Secretary
Herb Kelly, Vice President
Richard Burk, VP Membership
Connie Chung, Director
Evie Kosower, Director
Rev. Rolland Slade, Director


What We Do

All around the country other cities are making headway resolving homelessness. From Seattle to Detroit to San Antonio, creative solutions are taking root and gaining steady momentum. We have selected a homegrown approach, invented by Chris Scott, as what we believe will be the best fit for San Diego County’s climates and communities, from Otay Mesa to Oceanside. The locally manufactured and easily assembled emergency sleeping cabins can be temporarily deployed in bungalow courts throughout the region on any abandoned or distressed residential lot waiting for redevelopment. All neighborhoods can come together and host the smallest part of the collective need possible, for the shortest time it can take folks to regain their footing and right their lives back onto a better track. When the need diminishes, the cabins can be disassembled as easily and stored for future emergency needs.

When and Where We Work

Right now is a great time to get creative about resolving homelessness as quickly as we can. While we wait for much needed permanent supportive housing, people are dying on the streets. Public health is at risk on multiple fronts from a lack of caring for the most vulnerable among us. Our innovative solution can be quickly deployed to turn this around today. Maybe you’ve had the chance to see our evolution over the last few years in person or in the news. We’re hopeful that soon enough you will see us wherever you look because the need is all around, and we can be there meeting the part of it that fits well.

Our latest demonstration cabin is on the grounds of Meridian Baptist Church in El Cajon, California, and is available for viewing by appointment.

When and Where We Work
Why We Do It

Why We Do It

All people deserve a safe place to sleep. Period.

Studies have shown that extended periods of sleep deprivation take an extreme toll on our ability to function. When we sleep, our brains get the chance to unpack the events of the day, reorganize what we keep as memories, and ultimately clean out the mental garbage and prepare for the next day. No sleep? No housekeeping. And disorganized minds don’t react well to passersby, nor to first responders.

When we’re well rested, we have the best chance of being able to participate in making a healthy community. Quality of life increases while crime decreases.

How You Can Help

Our grassroots solution includes ways for everyone to participate. Whether you enjoy hands-on building or people-oriented community gathering, we welcome your contribution to a better San Diego County.

Here are the general areas of our collective efforts:

Network – spread awareness of our solution

Build – create temporary housing options

Donate – financial and time donations all count

Advocate – speak up to motivate progress

How You Can Help

Ready to help?

Contact us

I need housing now!

When we have cabins ready for you, we will have partners to help guide you into one. Meanwhile please be patient and reach out to every other resource available to you while you wait!

I want to help!

Please email and let us know how you would like to help. Alternately, if you would like to make a financial contribution, please donate online at your convenience.

I have more questions!

Please email and we will follow up as soon as we can.


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